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Successful Project Management

Successful Project Management

When it comes to big projects, it's very common to encounter delays and things that go wrong. Most of these initial problems can be avoided with a successful project management plan. An excellent system to use is the Responsibility Assignment Matrix, which assigns responsibilities and roles in the project.

Grow Your Freelance Business

Grow Your Freelance Business

With an ever changing technology and a growing number of job options, freelancing career is an attractive option for many. But it can be quite a challenging way to earn a living. One of the most common freelancing mistakes is working for one big corporation only. Follow this guide to grow your freelance business.

Forex Trading as Business - Part 2

Forex Trading as Business - Part Two

Man startup businesses end up on a rocky ground within years of starting up, as UK business stats show. Add to this the average failure cost of 40k+ and you realize that self-employment can ruin many a career. We examine why trading could be an answer for some, while bearing in mind that any startup is a risky venture.

Forex Trading as Business - Part 1

Forex Trading as Business - Part One

Self-employment has become an increasing career choice for many, given the changing economic structures and raising job insecurities. In this uncertain economic climate, starting up your own business can seem like a great idea. But there are many pitfalls and startup business stats are not encouraging.

Stress-Free Budgeting

Stress-Free Budgeting Tips

Life can be often stressful, in particular when it happens to be about personal finances. There's usually more of what we want that what we can afford. One way to get this under control and eliminate the stress is to start planning your personal budgeting. Get some tips for achieving your personal budget goals.

Scalping vs Position Trading

Forex Scalping vs Position Trading

Scalping is a highly energetic form of forex day trading, where a trader tries to get many small gains, by taking many short-term positions. Position trading involves taking long-term currency positions to achieve medium-term gains. Scalping is speculative and risky, while position trading is a more serious approach.

Money Tips for Travellers

Money Tips for Travellers

Knowing a few tricks and tips about money when travelling can save you from overspending. But there's more to it than frugality. Get some advice on using cash, cards and currency exchange rates on your travels, which can make your money go further abroad and help you enjoy your overseas trips more.

Donchian Channel Indicator

The Donchian Channel Indicator

Usually available freely on all respected trading platforms, the Donchian channel indicator was created by techical analyst and trader Richard Donchian. The DC indicator is particularly used in relation with commodities trading. But it can also help to identify forex currency pairs trends.

Project Management Tools

Project Management Tools

Ask any business leader if their organization could benefit from better project management and you will receive a resounding 'yes'. It's one of those areas that can always be improved. New technologies are helping with this by making available new tools for better project management.

Using SEO to Make Money

Using SEO to Make Money Online

If you have a website or have been doing any online marketing, you know the importance of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short. Ever since Google especially came onto the scene, it has become an important tool to make your site noticed and well ranked, leading to having a successful online business.

Understanding Correlations

Understanding Correlations in Currency Pairs

Without much understanding of how currency pairs correlate, novice traders will often start trading any currency pair showing a movement. Whether the trade is successful or not, it could be a pure luck. It's important to learn about currency pairs correlations before you start trading for real.

Reduce Business Travel Expenses

Reduce Your Business Travel Costs

If you run a company or a small business, you know how quickly you business travel expenses can add up. Business travellers get encouraged to pay mugh higher, business fares, which are more costly than the ordinary fares. Look for the ways to reduce your business travel costs, or find less costly alternatives.

Personal Finance Insights

Personal Finance Insights

They say that with the age comes wisdom. This is only true if we learn from our personal experiences and utilize the knowledge we attain along the way. The effect of this is more intelligence and better focus on individual issues in our world. There are hard-won personal finance insights and truths that come with experience.

Effective Business Communication

Importance of Effective Business Communication

In amongst many things that are crucial for the success of your business is communication. How effectively you communicate with your employees and with your customers determines how well your business will thrive. Learn of the importance of having effective communication within your business.

Life Sciences Business Reagents

Life-Sciences Business Reagents

One of the fundamental reasons for many an entrepreneur is to make money. Indeed, for a business to be so, it must make money. But there are those who seek more out of their business, looking to make a more meaningful contribution to society. Here is some advice if you choose the life-sciences business niche.

Office Meeting Room Essentials

Office Meeting Room Essentials

Meeting room are useful for all kinds of purposes in an office or a business. They're used for important employees and colleagues discussions, client meetings and presentations. As such, they are a valuable addition to any business office. Here are some of the essentials to include in your office meeting room.

Save Money in the Shower

How to Save Money in the Shower

Every aspect of your household budget plays an important part of your home and personal finances. when you find ways to reduce your expenditures, this will positively reflect on your finances. This includes even simple activities, such as taking daily shower. Here are 12 ways to save money on it, without affecting hygiene.

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