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How to Impress Clients Who Visit Your Office

Relationship with your clients is crucial to your business success

So, you have some clients coming over to meet you in your office. Well, no biggie. You can just continue running your business as usual and meet them as you would any other person visiting your office, right? Wrong. If you want to run a successful business you need to know how to impress clients who visit your office. Luckily, impressing clients is not that difficult. By understanding your clients and fixing up your office a bit you should have no problem with giving a shining first impression.

Understanding clients

One of the most common reasons why people fail to impress their clients is because they fail to understand them. They fail to see their office from their clients' eyes and misrepresent themselves as a result. Now, to fully understand your client and their needs you either need to have a gift for doing so or you need a psychology degree. But, luckily, in order to impress your client, you do not need to fully understand them. Nor do you have to be a naturally charismatic, people's person. Some rudimentary knowledge about their background and some basic business etiquette will be more than enough to give a lasting first impression.

Shaking hands with clients
Understanding your clients and their needs, combined with a good business
etiquette will go a long way to impressing your clients in your office.

Business etiquette

Since today's communication is mostly done over emails, we seem to forget the basics of business etiquette. Remember, business etiquette is there to present your company and to show your dedication and professionalism. The way you treat your employees will also play a great role when you try to impress clients who visit your office. People will judge you based on first impressions, whether you like or not. So, you better look into how to properly present yourself and your office.

Being punctual

Every business is, essentially, about money and time. Therefore, if you do not show proper respect to both of them, there is no reason why someone should do business with you. Make sure that you are punctual when organizing an office meeting.

Proper manners

Being a cultural person is necessary in order to run a business. A person of culture is respectable, trustworthy and honest to their word. Which is why you need to present yourself as one.

A firm stance

When expressing yourself you need to be precise and clear. Everyone enjoys a person who knows what they want and who knows how to communicate it. Even if you fail to make a deal with your client, you will make a lasting impression that may bring you deals in the long run.

A cleared office, with contemporary setting
It might be superficial sometime, but first impressions do matter. So, how you set up
your office will evoke an instant impression of you and your business.

Different culture

Sometimes you might get a client that comes from a different culture. If that is the case, you would do yourself a world of good if you were to study it. By getting familiar with their business culture you will make them more comfortable and open to cooperation. This doesn't mean that you should completely change your business etiquette for theirs. In fact, that can be seen as being too pushy and as trying too hard. Instead, you should try to pay homage to their culture and make them see that you are familiar with it and that you respect it.

Setting up your office

It is hard to overstate the importance of having a well-organized office. Not only does it increase your productivity and lower the stress of your employees. But, it also makes impressing your clients much easier. Your clients will judge you and your business on the way you maintain your office. Same as we judge people based on how they keep their homes. A well maintained, properly organized, functional office means that you should be done business with.

Wide-open space

The first thing you should do is to make sure that your office is not cluttered. People often do not even notice that their office is cluttered. They start off with uncluttered office space and gradually clutter it up. In order to avoid this, you need to take a hard look at your office and get rid of everything that is not necessary. You can hire a moving company that offers both transportation and storage services, like Moving Kings NC, to help you out. Using storage units is a great way to keep your office uncluttered and to make it more presentable for your clients.

Two businessmen shaking hands
If everything falls in the right place, your business offer, your office setting, business
etiquette, and the right atmosphere, the deal is only a handshake away.

Once you've cleared your space, proceed to refresh your office with furniture and a new coat of paint. Remember, if you are to impress clients who visit your office, you need to maintain it well and make it look welcoming.

Impress clients who visit your office

Once you've studied up on your clients and you've made your office presentable, you only need to work on your personal skills. As we mentioned before, having proper business etiquette is absolutely necessary. And, for most clients, it can be enough. But, if you really want to impress your clients, you need to take it one step further.

Talking with clients

In order to impress clients who visit your office, you need to have a bit of ease and confidence with you. This means that you should talk about your business in a firm, decisive voice, but you should also ease up a bit from time to time. A casual joke or a warm compliment can go a long way in closing a deal. But, in order for any of them to be effective, you need to be confident and relaxed. This is the aspect of the conversation that emails could never transfer. Remember, your clients are people after all. And people always react positively to a welcoming, friendly environment.

A business woman making a joke in order to impress clients who visit your office
Growing technology and evolving marketing approaches can help your business grow
and expand into new markets, serving more clientelle. (Image by Pixabay.com)

But, if you cannot manage to be confident and comfortable, don't force it. People will notice if you struggle with confidence. To them, you will come off as eerie, and pushy. You will not seem like a trustworthy person, and no one likes doing business with a person who is not trustworthy.

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