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Small Business

Tips for running a small business and small business advice

The past couple of decades have seen the rise of small business enterprises more than ever before. This is largely due to the increasing number of services that are available to small business owners, to enable them to keep their business running. There's also an increasing amount of available small business advice, to help with employment, law and capital management.

Additionally, the development and growth of new technologies, especially online commerce, has made it easy to build a small business based on services and/or products created and sold by individuals. All this has resulted in small business being a term that's often used in day to day communications.

   Small Business Advice and Information
Five Best Canadian Cities for Startups

Best Canadian Cities for Startups

Starting a new business involves a lot of learning and planning, even before you choose your ideal location to start it. Let alone finding right employees. That's why it's important to start your business in a city that will provide support and good surroundings for your new business.

Build Loyatly Through Exceptional Customer Care

Build Loyalty Through Customer Care

It costs significantly more to attract new customers than to retain the existing ones. But your best customers also can be your best promoters. To achieve this effect, you need to invest into training your staff to provide high-quality, exceptional customer care.

Cities That Are Becoming Cradles of Entrepreneurship

Cities Cradles of Entrepreneurship

When you develop a seed of entrepreneurship within, you start thinking how to grow it into something worthwhile. But you also learn that being an entrepreneur is a solo effort. So, you need to look for cities that are becoming cradles of entrepreneurship, to spur you into your business.

Database Activity Monitoring

Database Activity Monitoring Solution

Database activity monitoring is a well established technology used by prominent businesses to protect their data. This technological solution provides comprehensive database security protection, where even privileged users cannot make unauthorized changes to confidential data.

The Game of Modern Business

The Game of Modern Business

Running a business in our modern world is a tough work. As an entrepreneur, you have to create a simpler business model to get things done and grow. Sometime, this means you have to move the goalposts to make it a little easier. There are 3 areas that can make your business grow.

Help Your Business Evolve

Help Your Business Evolve and Grow

The general purpose of any business is to delivery quality products and services to its customers, while providing profit to its owners. This is best achieved with a consistent approach to improve and evolve one's business. Get tips to evolve, change and grow your own small business.

How to Impress Clients in Office

How to Impress Clients Who Visit Your Office

When you have clients coming to your office, you need to know how to impress them. Good client relationship is one of the essentials for a business success. Giving your clients shining first impressions of your business office sounds like a cliche, but it's actually warranted.

How to Protect Your Money

How to Protect Your Money in Business

The primary goal of any business is to make money. So, you could say that business revolves around money in many ways. As a business owner, you need money for employees, day to day running of business, and much more. Protect your business money from fraudsters.

Life Sciences Business Reagents

Life-Sciences Business Reagents

Many entrepreneurs today go into business for one reason only - to make money. Nothing wrong with that - in fact, you need to make money to have a successful venture. But if you want to do something more meaningful, consider life-sciences niche for a business.

Guide to Opening a Business in Cincinnati

Opening a Business in Cincinnati

Starting your own business is a massive project that will require a lot of planning and decision-making. But being your own boss is a happy proposition, so it's worth every ounce of the effort. Peruse our guide to opening business in Cincinnati, what to do and what you need.

Why New York Remains Best State for Small to Midsize Business

NY Best for Small to Midsize Business

Whether it might come as a surprise to you or not, New York state has been declared the best for small to midsize business for a few years in a row. What make it best for doing business? We explore a few reasons for this good business phenomenon.

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

When you are starting a small business, you encounter a lot of difficulties along the road. No matter how well you are prepared, there are things that will surprise you. Create different strategies to improve your products and services, and better manage lifecycle of your products.

Project Management Tools

Project Management Tools

Project management is one of business areas that can always be better optimized and improved upon. With the new and upcoming technologies you can take your project management to the next level. These 3 new technologies are providing project management tools.

Project Plan Blunders To Avoid

Project Plan Blunders to Avoid

When you run a business you want to keep it productive and to reach its set targets. But in that rush, people are prone to make mistakes, especially when it comes to work on automation projects, which require attention to detail. Here are the common project plan blunders to avoid.

Raise Business Capital

Raise Small Business Capital

Whether you are starting a new business or have been running a business for years, raising extra capital for your business is no easy task. Whatever you might need the funding for, an extra injection of capital can push business forward. Here are 4 easy steps to help you raise capital.

Tips to Ramp Up Your Business Model and Boost Profits

Ramp Up Your Business Model

Whether you're running a home based business or a small business, the idea is to grow your company and boost its profits. But there are no magic ways of doing this. Instead, you need to focus and ramp up your business model via useful tips to help your company grow.

Reduce Business Travel Expenses

Reduce Business Travel Expenses

If you run a small business, you know how it can be costly, especially when it involves a good deal of travel. Unlike the general public, companies usually pay higher, "business rates". So, it makes sense to look for the ways to reduce your travel costs, or find alternatives.

Small Business Debt Collection Small Business Debt Collection Tips

Even if your small business company is successful, having debtors who are late with their payments or are defaulting, can make your company slip into financial liquidity crisis. You need to develop effective debt recovery approaches, while maintaining business relationships.

Small Business Employment Law

Small Business Employment Law

When you are starting or running a small business, the last thing you want is to get involved in a legal scrape. Employment laws in your country will give you a good guidelines of how things should be done, but always seek a qualified legal advice to stay on the right side of the law.

Small Business Human Resources

Small Business Human Resources

In the corporate world, human resources is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Employee engagement is considered to be an important factor in business success. While large companies employ entire HR departments, things are different with small business.

Successful Project Management

Successful Project Management

A successful project management plan will go a long way to avoid potentil problems and delays, usually experienced with any new project. One of the best systems and tools for managing projects is the RACI Model. This tool helps assign responsibilities and roles in project management.

Is It Time to Upsize Your Business?

Time to Upsize Your Business

When your business is successful, you will inevitably reach a moment when you can grow and upsize your business. But you need to recognize the right moment for it and avoid potential problems that come with expansion. Here are some tips to help you along.

Treat Employees Like Family

Treat Your Employees Like Family

Your business and its employees are more than people working together. If you run your business correctly, it's a functioning family. To accomplish this, you need to make them all feel connected and helping each other. Here are suggestions to get that loyalty from your employees.

Best West Coast Cities for Starting Small Business

West Coast Cities for Starting Small Business

When starting a small business, you need to make many critical decisions. One of the involves the location for your new business. If you are inclined to go to the west, we have come up with suggestions what would be best cities on the West Coast for starting a small business.

Reasons Why Your Should Invest in a Website

Why You Should Invest in Website

The modern age of technology dictates that any serious business must have an online presence. Not having a website is akin to carrying around a blank business card. As a professional, you cannot afford not to have a website. Here are reasons why you should invest in creating one.

What is small business?

What defines a small business? How many employees has a small business? There are no universal guidelines for what constitutes a small business. But it's generally considered that a small business has less than 100 employees, while a corporation will have more than a hundred employees.

These numbers vary from country to country and from industry to industry. Many small businesses are often located in private homes, hence the terms of home business or home based business.

There are two reasons for running your business from home. The first is because it is economical and in most cases convenient. The second reason is that there are several benefits with tax, etc for having your business in your home.

Small business employees with their employer, posing for a photo
The size of a small business company and its number of employees vary from
country to country and industry to industry, but it can be a sole proprietor or a
partnership with a handful of employees, or as many as a hundred workers.

Small business owners

As mentioned before small businesses due to their nature, are in most times sole proprietorships, partnerships, or privately owned. Common in many countries, small businesses are most often related to these professions: accountants, restaurants, guest houses, photographers, small shops, hairdressers, tradesmen, solicitors, lawyers, small-scale manufacturing, and so on.

Running a small business is an exciting venture, and a great way to introduce yourself into the business world, and to gain business sense. If you are interested in starting your own small business, I would recommend having a talk with a local lawyer or accountant, who will be able to answer questions that are specific to your local area. Good, professional advice on small business matters is always a valuable thing.

Better still, talk to someone who is already operating a small business, to get first-hand experience insights and running a small business tips. Good luck with your new venture!