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Tips to help you craft an effective sale pitch

Today's prospects are smarter and demand a more sophisticated approach

To begin with, make sure to ditch the customary meaning of the world ‘pitch’. It is meant to describe what sales people were used to do – deliver information in the hopes of selling a service or product before allowing the buyer a chance to slam the door in their face or rudely hang up the phone. Things have changed in sales business and salespeople are treating the ‘pitch’ process of a sale differently.

A better understanding of pitching a sale

The president of the website businessbyphone.com, Art Sobczak, has recently mentioned that pitching a sale summons images of a presentation that can only go one way. The salesperson talks at someone/something, and that’s not a really smart way to sell. If you decide to take the term literally and make it part of a sales process, it’s important to switch it up a bit.

Salesman with ' Trust me!' sign
The old-fashioned "trust me" approach is long gone and today's clients require
a more sophisticated and benefits-driven approach in crafting an effective sale pitch

What does it mean when somebody tries to pitch something at you? They’re basically throwing ideas, information, or products straight at you. Hence, when someone throws something, you swing to give it back. So it’s not a good way to sell. Individuals have the tendency to believe that a pitch must always come with a catch. Therefore, apart from baseball, the word ‘pitch’ must not be used, especially if we’re talking about the sales business. You can modify the term and use ‘recommendation’ for example, because it will appeal to people more.

The “Queen of Cold Calling”, Wendy Weiss, highlights that people don’t respond very well to the word ‘pitch’ because it means talking at someone, not to someone. So it’s not a very efficient way of communication. If you want to come up with a good pitch, you are advised to ask questions, offer solutions to the problem, and listen to the other party.

Get to know the buyer

A salesperson needs to know his buyer in order to emphasize the genuine value of their service or product. If you’re unable to identify the significance and what it could symbolize for a prospective client, that client won’t grant you his attention. Make sure that you know your goals, and by doing that you’ll manage to get the attention of your buyer. Engage in a discussion and reach an agreement together.

A couple getting key from a salesman
Value and benefits driven approach, accompanied by 'recommendations'
is more likely
to deliver successful sales.

Prior to calling clients to pitch your product, make sure to set up goals that are action-oriented. Express what you want to achieve out loud and don’t hesitate to think big. As long as you’re focused on your goals and you’re prepared enough, you’ll manage to achieve great things in the sales business.

How to start a sales pitch?

You might think you know everything, but it’s never too late to learn. Hence, start by asking questions. Experts have mentioned that a salesperson is advised to talk in proportion of 20%. The other 80% should be reserved to listening. Listening to a buyer is an excellent way of uncovering their needs. You have the chance to understand what they might want, and that’s a great way of screening that what you’re selling might suit them. Let them talk and when they’re done, it’s time to present your product slightly introducing reasons why your product will help.

Don’t insist on your product’s functions and focus on the characteristics. Sell the value or the benefits of that product. Inform your potential buyers that it can reduce time, cut costs, and boost profit, and so on. You can also talk about how your product managed to help others. However, focus on relevant information only, don’t be vague, and don’t beat around the bush.

Handshake between a woman and man, meeting a potential client
To start your sale pitch, ask questions and let your clients talk,
to better understand what they want and how to offer your product or service.

Communicating with a prospect

Rather than formulate a sales ‘pitch’, formulate a recommendation making use of their own language. Use their words against them and they won’t object. At the end of a conversation, try to demand a commitment. You can make them promise that they’ll consider your recommendation, and if they agree than it’s a sign you did a good job. Always remember one thing: if you craft your sales pitch under the idea of talking non-stop you’ll probably fail. However, if you’re willing to engage in a conversation and make a connection with your prospect, you’ll have greater chances of success.

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