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Stop selling so hard if you want more sales

Connect with the client and close that deal by not trying too hard

People hate sellers because they’re annoying and hungry for money. In most cases, all they want is to close a sale to get a commission. That’s a general perspective of sales people in today’s society. Not many of you know that the niche is far more complex underneath. Great sales representatives are not after the money, they’re after the reputation. A good reputation in the business will eventually bring financial rewards as well.

Stop trying if you want to sell

If you want more sales you need to stop trying so hard. Don’t assume the needs of your customers, even if they express a keen interest in your products. Let’s say you’re following a possible customer who clicked on your site. You’re already aware that he’s interested, so you’ll probably be inclined to ask questions meant to clarify the need or offer useful information regarding your product. Rookie move!

Sales team of young men and women
Good sales people want the reputation, which will eventually bring in sales
and financial success to your business.

Moving straight into ‘selling mode’ highlights that your goal to sell is a lot more important than the needs of your clients. Rather than build a relationship, you’ll express eagerness to sell, and that might push clients away. Instead of asking specific questions related to the product, you’re better off starting a conversation that’s not that oriented towards your product. Ask questions that don’t have assumptions attached and try not to sound sales.

Through questions that are not directly linked to your product you’ll get the chance to find out more information about your client. Consequently, you’ll probably find out that his desires and needs greatly differ, and that you were wrong to assume that you know what he wants. Your goal should be to identify the ‘issue’ and after that comprehend its aspects. Who knows, maybe your client is not that interested to buy after all.

Skills a salesperson must have

A great salesman needs to have 5 main skills to close a sale without making their client feel forced to buy: excellent verbal skills and written abilities, great sales coach, live experience, temper, and drive.

A team of sales people cheering up
Concentrate on the needs of your client and build a relationship for success,
instead of hard selling approach.

However, even if you have the above mentioned skills, you need to use them wisely. Desperation and eagerness are your enemies in this business, and always remember that an erratic behavior won’t be of any help. You need to stop trying so hard if you want results. We hate sales people because of one main reason: their never-ending verbal skills. Talking doesn’t make people buy, especially if you’re not that good at what you’re saying.

The product you’re trying to sell is probably the best on the market, but if the salesperson crosses the limit and keeps trying to shove it in the face of the customer, that customer will walk away.

Know your limits

You can’t succeed in the sale business if you don’t know your limits. For starters, salespeople should focus on their goal to sell, but they shouldn’t push too hard. Studies have shown that buyers are more into sellers who are compassionate, understanding, and friendly. You need to relate to those attributes. When you know what you’re talking about and you show your clients that you care for them and not about the sale, you’ll manage to close a deal.

Nobody likes sales people who brag about their products for minutes without stopping for a second to ask if you have any questions. Rather than highlight the benefits of your products, try to connect the product to the client. Ask the client questions and allow the client to get to know you first.

Man holding a sales graph high
Bring in more sales by not trying too hard and without using unsavoury strategies
in your selling approach.

Calm down and let things happen

When a buyer sees that the sales representative is relaxed, smiley and confident, he feels different. That burden to buy cannot be felt anymore and he might even like you. They say that if you like the sales person you also like the product. There’s a bit of truth to that statement because a great seller will know how to make you buy without having to use persuasion, or any other type of cheesy strategy.

Buyers in general are repulsed by sales people who seem desperate to sell. Desperation brings greed, and greed makes people agitated and annoying. If you want to have more sales, the key is to stop trying so much. Eventually, you’ll close that deal providing you’re self-controlled.

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