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Selling Tips

Understanding The Art of Selling

Today's sales and marketing people face a serious task in making a product saleable and reaching their sales goals. The average individual of the 21st century has been exposed to an avalanche of advertising materials, sale pitches and various marketing strategies. As a result, today's "average client" has learned every selling trick in the book, so to speak, having been exposed to a variety of selling techniques.

  Selling Advice and Tips
Craft an Effective Sale Pitch Tips for Crafting an Effective Sale Pitch

In sales, delivering information in the hope of selling a service or product, is called sale pitch. These days things are different and salespeople treat the 'pitch' process in a different manner. Potential clients have learned that a pitch always come with a catch.

Stop Hard Selling and Listen Stop Selling so Hard, to Get More Sales

When it comes to making more sales, being pushy can be annoying and counterproductive. Instead of focusing hard on making sales, try focusing on what your client's needs are. This will build a good long-term relationship and a solid reputation with your client.

Influencing factors

So, what does work in selling? What makes a product saleable? How can you influence a person? There are three factors that can influence a person in an effective way. Those are: imagination, language, and perception systems.

» Imagination

We process information via associations with our previous experiences. When a person thinks of orange juice, he or she imagines drinking it with delight and pleasure. Advertising slogans activate imagination.

» Language

One has to work out the right wording or advertising slogan to create this association in his or her mind, to make them buy the product - in this case orange juice. Slogan uses language to create verbal instructions that will activate the senses.

» Perception systems

A human has five senses: touch, sound, smell, sight, and taste. If you can come up with an advertising slogan to activate all these perception systems, your selling campaign will be more likely to succeed.

Every person has a dominating perception channel or sense that transmits the biggest amount of information into the brain. If you will be lucky enough to figure out what it is, use it and concentrate on its activation.

A colourful graph showing sales going up
Generating good sales is influenced by three important factors: imagination,
language and
perception systems. (Image by Pixabay.com)

In dealing with your client, concentrate on your product's benefits. Client does not buy product, but the benefits he gets from owning and using that product.

Finally, figure out your client's needs. Observe how he or she reacts to certain aspects of your product presentation - when he's delighted and when he's dissatisfied with something. This is your key to understanding his or her needs.