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12 Ways to Save Money in the Shower

Maintain your daily shower hygiene at lesser costs

From the start of the shower to its conclusion, there are a number of ways in which you can save money without compromising the health or hygiene that the daily cleaning activity brings. Here are the 12 exciting ways that can help you avoid unnecessary expenditure in a shower, while being mindful of your personal finances.

How to save money in the shower

Follow these money-saving tips to reduce the cost of your showering, without compromising your personal hygiene.

1. Apply baby oil on shower tub after cleaning

Removing soap gunk buildup from your shower tub can be a pricey job. To avoid the hassle and also save money, you can apply a thin layer of baby oil on the shower tub right after you clean it.

Coloured soaps
Soaps are an important part of daily shower routine, but they can be dry on the skin.
So, use them sparingly wih less rubbing on the skin.

2. Avoid unnecessary showers

You can save money by reducing the number of showers you take. This can be planned and executed on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Though shower is the topmost requirement for maintaining a proper hygiene, you can avoid unnecessary showers that are meant only for secondary or fun purposes. You can start by avoiding the additional shower that you take daily right before you go to sleep or when you reach home back from office. This will not alter your hygiene as the shower that you’ve taken in the morning will stay effective until next day’s shower.

3. Do all the scrubbing and conditioning before entering the shower

You can save water in your shower by completing all the beautifying tasks before entering the shower. This will help you to wash away all the stuff in one go. You need to apply all the polishing and peeling things before you jump into the shower. The activity won’t save you time as you’ve to spent time the same amount of time to apply all the products but the procedure is sure to save a lot of shower water, and in turn water bill, for you.

4. Keep a single product for one specific purpose

Don’t use multiple brands for the same thing such as conditioning and shampooing. Though it is quite playful to have a number of options to try each time you enter the shower, removing all alternatives and keeping only one product for each purpose save you space in addition to saving you money that is required to purchase all those alternatives. Try several brands before you make up your decision about which one to use and which ones to kick out.

5. Limit the extensive use of soap only to some areas

You can limit the use of soap only to your private parts and under areas. Apply soap on your armpits and on the bottom of your feet. This way, you’ll not only save the soap but also your keep your skin healthier. Other skin, than that present in the areas above, is sensitive to soap and hence, applying intensive soap on these areas might result in moisture loss from the skin pores that can cause drying, itching, and other skin-related problems.

6. Make use of a microfiber cloth for cleaning the faucet and handle

The faucet and handle of your shower system need to be frequently cleaned. For this, you need to purchase separate cleaning agents and also invest some time for accomplishing the job. To save both time and money for doing so, you can employ a microfiber cloth to polish the faucet and handle. You can decide the usage frequency of the shower parts as per your household use of the shower. This way your best handheld shower head will be stains free and shiny for a long time.

7. Prepare your own home-made scrubs, etc.

You can prepare your very own home-made beautifying products such as scrubs and deep conditioners. The benefit of preparing such products is that they require less water to ward-off than readymade products. You can prepare sugar/olive scrub, sugar/honey scrub, etc. You are free to prepare these for one-time use or for multiple uses. Some of these can’t be kept for longer periods as they get oxidized in the presence of moisture and air, however, some others can be kept in an air-tight container to be used over and again.

8. Regularly clean your drains

Drains need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This is so to avoid any health issues that can be caused by the improper or incomplete drain and also save you from employing a drain cleaning service once your drain is full of junk. Cleaning drains is a very simple task that can be finished in less than 30 minutes or so. All you need to do is to prepare a mix of 1 cup soda and vinegar, and pour it into the drain. About 10 minutes later, let boiling hot water run down the spine of the drain to make it free from buildups and waste.

Cleaning sponge with a pair of gloves
Regular cleaning and scrubbing of the shower after use will keep your showers clean
and require less use of cleaning agents to keep it hygienic.

9. Spray bathroom walls once in a week with vinegar

Vinegar loosens the dirt stains on the walls and hence reduce the amount of cleaning agent required to clean the bathroom walls.

10. Use a shower squeegee

You need to spend a lot of money to remove calcium and other buildups that build over time on the bathroom walls. Hence, you can save the cleanup money as well as the effort required by making use of a shower squeegee. Wipe all the water spots after each shower from the walls with the shower squeegee to avoid buildups. As these buildups are also unhealthy in nature, it is a healthy practice to remove them after each shower.

11. Use inexpensive curtain liner

Expensive curtain liners don’t provide any practical use other than looking good in your bathroom. If you’re willing to sacrifice this gig, you can replace your pricey shower curtain liner with an inexpensive one. As long as the curtain liner is able to hide the person in the shower, it can be used regardless of the price tag it comes with.

12. Use less amount of soap

Another way to save money in the shower is to use less soap. You can use a beauty bar instead of the soap. Most soaps are drying in nature i.e. they harshen the skin and hence needs to be avoided, however, if you need to use them try to decrease the amount of rubbing you do on your skin.


Whether you decide to purchase inexpensive bathroom liners or make your own bathing products at home to curb expenditure, try avoiding the measures that compromise your cleanliness and hygiene.

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