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How Your Office Space Impacts Employee Well-Being

Find out about factors that make a great office environment

An office with a view
Your office space is much more than the place where your employees come to work.
Since they spend a better part of their lives in your office and promote the company,
you want that space to reflect company values and be pleasant and productive space.

An office is not only a place where people come to work. Offices are spaces where ideas are born and company culture is strong. Whether you are a company owner, manager, or employee, you most likely want to work in a safe, productive environment surrounded by people who share company values and high work morale.

The overall well-being and productivity of employees are something business owners want to preserve. You can incorporate many significant changes to achieve worker satisfaction, and making their office space comfortable and inviting comes high on the list. So, if you have been wondering how your office space impacts employee well-being, read through and find out about some of the factors that make a great office environment.

Air quality has a significant impact on worker productivity...

There is no doubt that adequate ventilation in the workspace is paramount. However, not all spaces are built, designed, or made to have natural ventilation or many windows. The reality is quite the opposite. Most of the modern-day offices are in large buildings with large indoor ventilation systems. As we spend so much time indoors, it is essential to have access to a non-smoking working environment with adequate air filtration.

Of course, there are more ideas to make your office more productive. One is to bring some office plants into the workspace. Besides plants, you can install humidifiers that will keep humidity at a proper level. Another vital thing to consider is to keep the office space free of clutter and clean at all times. All these things will ensure optimal air quality and make the office atmosphere pleasant to work in.

Access to fresh food and water make the office enjoyable...

Promoting healthy habits both in nourishment and physical activity has become imperative in the workplace environment. In the last decade, many companies have done many innovative things to give their employees a space to work out, meditate, and access healthy and nutritious food options.

However, you don't have to think out of the box here. Give your employees a designated place to eat and offer a choice of fresh fruits, vegetables, and snacks. If you have a dedicated office meeting room, you should think about installing water coolers.

Employees working in an open-concept office space
Providing your employees with a designated area to dine is one of the
best depictions of how office space impacts employee well-being.

The right office furniture ensures your employees keeping a good posture...

When running a company, you have any concerns. One of the most important assets your company has is the people. So naturally, one of your biggest concerns might be how to keep your employees content and satisfied. Employees eager to perform day-to-day tasks with maximum productivity and feel genuinely content spending time in the office are more likely to stay with the company even through hard times.

If your business and personnel are experiencing a change in the form of a downsize or a relocation to new premises, you should think of ways to minimize the downtime. Opt for moving industry professionals such are Capital City Movers NYC and ensure a swift transition without hassle.

People working in an office
A happy person is more productive. Avoid crowded office spaces, to allow more
room for each employee, to be content and comfortable at the workplace.

When you start your business in a new office space, you have to think about the office furniture you need to get started. It is crucial that your furniture depicts your company vision and makes the workspace inviting. Surveys among different types of employees often state the importance of calming colors and open space layouts.

Incorporate your office furniture to meet all the criteria employees find to be essential for boosting productivity. Choosing well-built, durable quality pieces will prove to be an investment in the long run. Your employees will benefit from sitting in comfortable chairs with the proper support or working at quality and stylish, spacious desks. An ergonomic workstation is something you and your employees will benefit from, changing the focus from the job to the employee.

Investing in your people is the right decision to make...

If you are a small business or a start-up, developing a reasonable budget for office equipment and furniture may be complex. However, if you go into this endeavor with a solid plan, you should find ways to come up with the money. One of the ways is to try to cut expenses when moving to a new office space. Commercial relocation can be quite costly and can take a lot of time if not done by professionals.

So, the best option is to delegate this task to people who have experience and focus your strengths on establishing your business on solid foundations. Keep in mind that investing in your employees is a long-term commitment and investment in your company's success.

Two people high-fiving after coming up with ideas on how office space impacts employee well-being
Delegating different tasks might be in your job description,
so delegate relocating your office to professionals.

There are plenty of other ways how you can make sure office space impacts employee well-being...

Besides the already mentioned - air quality, fresh water, fruits, and snacks, you can also pay a little more attention to the lightning in the office. It is a known fact that natural light is beneficial and keeps the strain of the eyes at low levels. Therefore, if it is possible, you should introduce more sunlight to the office space. If not, choose soothing lights and plan the layout so nothing blocks the sources of light.

Sound is also an important factor to consider when thinking about how office space impacts employee well-being. You want to reduce any uncomfortable sounds and create a relaxing, calm atmosphere. Pay attention to this in open spaces and coworking areas. Add some greenery, create a place for relocation or try something completely new and different. Keep your employees' comfort in mind, and even small and subtle changes will make an impact.

Images used: by Unsplash

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