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How to Keep Staff Motivated
uring an Office Relocation

Keeping your staff motivated should be part of your preparations
to move your business to a new office

A man in a business suit smiling.
Good motivation is an important factor in any business, which becomes
even more so
when you decide to relocate your business to a new office.

Commercial moving is, arguably, one of the most difficult types of moving. But, sometimes it is simply necessary. Luckily, once that time comes, you can hire reliable and experienced commercial movers to help you out. The difficult part comes from trying to operate a business during office relocation. For that, you cannot rely on outside servicers and you instead have to spend enough time organizing and preparing your company for relocation. Now, there are many aspects you will have to tackle in order to do this properly. And, the one we feel is most important is keeping your staff motivated during an office relocation. So, to make this aspect somewhat easier, we are going to go over it in a bit more detail.

Why you need to keep staff motivated during an office relocation

So, why is it actually important that you keep staff motivated during office relocation? After all, they should be able to work around relocation, if you first visit sites like bestcrosscountrymovers.com and learn how to organize it properly. So, why should you bother with keeping your staff motivated? Well, as it turns out, office relocation disrupts the business flow.

No matter how much you prepare or organize for it, things are simply going to feel different. But, there is a big difference between your staff getting frustrated over the change of the environment and temporarily difficult working conditions and them being excited over moving into new offices where they can experience a better work environment. So, do yourself and your company a huge favor and tackle staff motivation with the seriousness it deserves.

Highway filled with trucks and cars.
Do yourself a favor and hire the best possible commercial movers to help you out,
and make your office relocation go easier and more smoothly.

How to deal with motivation

Now, staff motivation is a difficult thing to manage. After all, large companies spend a lot of money on HR managers and staff coordinators just to keep their staff motivated. High motivation has a direct correlation with better work performance, even in poor working conditions. And, if there is one thing that your staff is going to experience during an office relocation, its poor working conditions. Therefore, by tackling your staff motivation properly, you will keep your business functioning well. Furthermore, you will ensure that your staff comes into the new office with a high energy level and a positive attitude.

Hold a general meeting regarding relocation

The first thing you ought to do is to hold a general meeting regarding relocation. The moment you have a clear plan on how your office relocation is going to go down and in what order, you need to inform your staff. Try to explain as best as you can what they are going to experience and what you expect from them. Tell them about the reasons why you are moving and why this whole ordeal with be worth both the time and money.

Know that they are about to work in unpleasant circumstances, so try to give them some reassurance. They need to know that you are on their side and that the hassle of moving will be dealt with properly and efficiently. Also, the more they feel that you have everything under control, the more motivated they are going to be.

Ask for ideas

One of the worst parts about office moving for your staff is the fact that they have no choice in it. They, probably, did everything right so far. And it is because they did everything right that you need to relocate your office. But, at the end of the day, nobody asked them whether or not they want to relocate. Therefore, they are experiencing all this hassle, without having a say in it. So, if you want to keep staff motivated during an office relocation, you at least need to make them feel like they are an active part of it.

Staff during an office meeting, showing you how to keep staff motivated during an office relocation.
During office meetings, your staff should feel free to give you ideas on
how to improve your office and your company.

Ask them about their expectations and desires. See if they have any ideas about what the new office should look like and how to make it more productive. Furthermore, you can ask them whether you should implement new items into your office, or do away with old ones. All in all, there are a bunch of things that you can advise on with your staff.

Communicate regularly

The important thing to realize about motivation is that dealing with it is not a one and done thing. In order to keep staff motivated during an office relocation, you need to continually monitor their attitude. This means regular, honest communication about how the work is doing and how they are feeling. If you don't have an input into this, you can easily wind up with low morale, without even realizing it.

So, do yourself a favor and try to communicate with your staff regularly. Honest, person to person conversation is usually the best course of action. You can even hold regular meetings where they can air their grievances and talk about the relocation itself. All in all, there is a bunch of things you can do. But, you need to continue to communicate with your staff in order to know when to do them.

Staff member talking to their manager.
If you want to keep staff motivated during an office relocation, you need to know
how to listen,
and respond positively to good ideas and suggestions.

Emphasize the positive aspects of moving

At the end of the day, your staff is going to go through extra hassle and stress, no matter how much you prepare. So, do your best to tell them why they are going through all this trouble. Regularly remind them of how positive moving is going to be and how awesome your office is. The more you can get them to think about the new office, the more motivated they are going to be to move there. So, try to emphasize all that is good about you moving to a new office.

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