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Information and articles on starting a home based business

In today's fast-moving and fast-changing world, where the idea of having a 'job for life' has become "outdated", starting your own home business has become a preferred choice and even a necessity for many. Running a business from your own home has many advantages and disadvantages. It requires resourcefullness and self-discipline, as you become 'your own boss'.

  Guides to Starting a Home Based Business
Automated Home Business

Automated Home Business

Even though repetition can be annoying, when used constructively it can help automate your home business. It's often said that one needs a system to make it work and succeed. Learn the 4 steps in making repetition work for you, to turn your home business into a success.

Boost Your Startup Success

Boost Your Startup Success

According to statistics, failure rate for startup business is rather high. But this doesn't mean that your startup company could likely fail. Instead, this means that you have to work harder on making your startup a success. Here are steps to follow to make startup successful.

Business Leader Traits

Business Leader Traits

Whatever your motivations might have been for starting a business, you need to become an effectibe business leader to make your business successful. As the captain of the ship, your business success depends on your skills as business leader. Here are business leader traits.

Business Startup Launch Party

Business Startup Launch Party

A great way to promote your new business or raise awareness for an existing business is to host an outstanding party. This will serve to meet your potential clients and to get to know better existing clients. It would be a promotion of your business and a celebration.

Business Travel Expenses

Business Travel Expenses

While traveling is a great enjoyment, it can be a financial burden on your business. This is especially true if you have more staff. So, one way to reduce your business costs is to cut down on your business expenses. Follow our quick guide on how to manage your business travel.

Buying Car Through Business

Buying Car Through Your Business

If you own a business, you need a vehicle for business purposes, as well as for customers. It's time efficient and saves money to purchase a car throuzgh your business, instead of your employees using their own cars. It's a more involving option, but a better one for your business.

Effective Business Communication

Effective Business Communication

When you are running a business, be it a home based business or small business, there are many things crucial to your business success. One of the key things is your communication within your business and your clients. It underlines the importance of effective communications.

From Startup to Scale up in Canada

From Startup to Scale-up in Canada

Starting a new business in Canada and eventually scaling it up will require good planning and research, to make it a success. There are no guarantees of course, but the more you put into preparations, the greater your chances to make it work. Get useful tips for Canada startups.

Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business in California

Home Based Business in California

Starting a home-based business in The Golden State is not an easy task, even if California  is known as the land of opportunities. But we have prepared an ultimate guide to help with the whole process. Have a look at these 8 steps and start planning!

Home Based Business Tips

Home Based Business Tips

New business ventures face many perils, especially if you start unprepared and ill-informed. The success of your new business is determined by how you deal with the initial problems. Here are 10 tips to achieve home based business success and avoid common startup perils.

Home Business Startup Plan

Home Business Startup Plan

Owing to drastic changes this century, we are blessed with amazing opportunities when it comes to running your own business. Advanced technologies enable us to start a company from the comfort of our home. But to achieve a success,we need to have a solid plan of action.

How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online

Internet has open an enormous range of business opportunities and possibilities to make money online. One of the most commonly used are affiliate programs. Other online possibilities involve investment programs, which of course come with a lot of caution, being the most risky.

Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Raising children is a full-time responsibility, let alone all the other home responsibilities. This is why families are forced to leave one parent at home, while the other tries to support the family. These days stay-at-home parent, usually a mother, can also earn income from home.

How to Maintain Client Relationships

Maintain Client Relationships

One of the keys to your business success is your ability to pick up new clients. But it's only a half a job, as your ongoing business success heavily depends on keeping your clients. If you manage your clients well, it will secure successful startup, bring more clients by word of mouth.

Maximize Productivity at Home

Maximize Your Productivity at Home

With each passing year, life gets busier. Some of its comes with age and increased responsibility as an adult, the other comes with ever growing complications of the modern life and new technologies. One has to find ways to deal with that, while striving to increase productivity.

Prepare Business for Success

Prepare Your Business for Success

Growing a successful business can be a tricky process. Startup businesses are initially looking to find a solid footing for long-term success. But even though things can go wrong in a new business, you must be prepared for business success, to make the most of it.

Public Relations for Startups

Public Relations for Startups

Often, too many startups look info public relations before they are good and ready. Before you make any noise about your startup business, there are a few things that should be ready and in place, so you don't waste money and reputation. Here are key tasks to do before any PR.

Self-Motivation is Key to Business Success in 2021

Self-Motivation is Key to Success

Why is self-motivation important? It pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you accomplish things that you never thought you'd ever accomplish before. It also boosts your confidence as a person by making you feel good about yourself. Here are 6 self-motivation benefits.

Solid Home Business

Solid Home Business Pillars

It takes a lot of work, knowledge and a good research to build a solid home business. If you try to build business without preparing well, you will find yourself wasting a lot of time and money. We show you 3 main principles to follow and build a solid home based business venture.

Starting a Home Business

Starting a Home Business

Planning is an important and essential part when you start thinking of running a business from home. There are fundamental steps to take before you get serious about starting your home business. Get six tips that will assist you with starting your own home based business.

Starting a Home Based Business

Starting Home Based Business

Whether it's your dream of being your own boss, or simply wanting to escape your current employment or circumstances, the idea of working from home has its own appeal. But as with any new venture, there are good and bad sides of it to consider before venturing out.

Stay Active Working From Home

Stay Active Working From Home

While working from home can be convenient in many ways, staying active can be tricky. There is no usual going to work and coming home activity, so you need to allocate time for staying active while working from home. Achieve a balance between work and leisure.

How to Stay Organized and Productive When Working From Home

Stay Organized and Productive

As we become more digitally connected and homebound (sometime not by choice), the work is still what keeps us going and providing. When home becomes your place of work, it's important to stay on the top of things and be productive, or your finances will suffer.

Why Working From Home Is Bad

Why Working From Home Is Bad For You

The internet provides a myriad of opportunities for working from home. There are many jobs that didn't exist just a decade ago! But is working from home all it's cracked up to be? There's no denying that certain advantages exist, but so do disadvantages. We take a critical look at it.

Work From Home for Beginners

Work From Home for Beginners

Almost universal presence of the internet and the ease of online access make working from home a desirable option, with many legitimate jobs available. Naturally, you have to watch out for many scams out there. But you can find many legitimate openings for work-at-home jobs.

Trust Yourself! Be a Boss! - Woman writing on screen
More and more people, men and women, are today working from home,
which offers more convenience, but also requires much more responsibility
and separating one's family
 and business schedule, in order to
succeed in your home business endeavour.
 (Image by Pixabay.com)

Working from Home

We have created this Home Business section to provide you with useful information and advice on operating your own home business and to help you avoid some of the pitfalls associated with it. To that end, you will find valuable articles and resources on this site, which will hopefully assist in your working from home endeavour.

As more and more people start to rely on working from home to make a living, or operating a home business, we hope to be able to offer you increasingly valuable information and practical advice on how to succeed in your own home run venture.

Bear in mind though that starting a home based business has its pitfalls, like any new venture. As recent startup business statistics show, seen in Part One and Part Two of these articles, many startup businesses will fail within the first 5 years. It takes a sober approach to your new business to succeed.

You can achieve success with your home business
These days a computer is all you need to start your own home business.
Of course it will
 take a lot of research and work to make it succeed,
as there are millions of others trying
 to do the same. But with persistence,
and some luck (which comes as a natural extension of hard work and persistence),
you can turn your work from home
 into a lasting business success.
And remember, fortune favours the brave, those who take risks.


Entrepreneurs with disability often face unique challenges in their day to day business. This guide for disabled entreprenurs provides some useful information to assist.