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Freelance Trends in New York City

Working as a freelancer in New York

A man working on a laptop next to a cup of coffee, representing freelance trends in New York City.
With more and more people freelancing, some of freelance trends in New York City
could appeal to those who are looking for freelance job opportunities in the USA.

If we’re looking at which cities provide the most opportunities for its denizens in the US, the Big Apple would have to be at the absolute top of that list. You’ll find that, especially for creative people and those with modern, contemporary careers, this city definitely has a lot to offer. It’s one of the biggest cultural melting pots in the entire world, so the inspiration is definitely not hard to come by around here.

Indeed, New York is actually one of the biggest cities in the world, and its high demand throughout the country means it’s also not cheap to live in. While many say that increasing prices are a struggle for the sadly non-rich communities of young artists, many such communities are still more than thriving. With that in mind, we’ve prepared some of the latest freelance trends in New York City, for those who are freelancing New Yorkers and those who are about to become ones!

The Local Vibe

So, if you decide to employ a moving company like dumbomoving.com and relocate to the Big Apple in search of work, you’ll want to learn about the latest freelance trends in New York City. First of all, know that the world of freelance is dynamic, but as with most things, rarely as dynamic anywhere else as it is in New York. The people here are always moving forward, and considering what their very next project will be. No matter what kind of industry you’re working in, there’s bound to be a lot of hustle and bustle. And it’s a very inspirational environment for young professionals; it motivates you to better yourself, and further build connections with potential coworkers and clients.

That’s why most people love New York City to begin with. But, on the other hand, that also means dealing with constantly rising expenses. Let’s face it - at this point, it seems that the demand for living in New York will just never cease. Meaning that not only is rental real estate always more expensive than we’d like, but the most basic things like groceries are as well.

Freelance Job Opportunities

One of the great things about New York is that, if you’re an adventurous type, you’ll be able to meet absolutely any kind of person around here. And not only that - but you can basically work in any kind of industry you can possibly think of. The worlds of finance, retail, fashion, tech, and art are always booming here, constantly breaking new ground, and discovering exciting frontiers. And these industries collaborate with each other more than in most places. For example, the world of IT in New York City is extremely service-oriented, acting as an auxiliary industry to a myriad of others.

A snowy New York street.
Yes, it's an expensive city, but if you can find your footing here
and get the right freelance job,
you will find many magical sides to New York
that will be "cream on the cake".

But on the other hand, this also means that New York is definitely not the place for those afraid of competition. No matter how many different job opportunities rise up, and different projects to fight for, know that you won’t face such a competition almost anywhere else. After all, New York is famous for its endless numbers of ambitious and young professionals, ready to pounce at the first opportunity to further their careers.

Local Transporation

If you’re looking at the latest freelance trends in New York City in an effort to advance your self-fueled career here, that’s a great idea. But you’ll also want to familiarize yourself with all of the facets that living in New York brings. And let’s be honest here, while New York definitely boasts one of the most advanced systems of local transportation in the world - it’s definitely not the simplest one to wrap your head around. Depending on where you need to go on a regular basis, prepare to face some complex transport schedules and possible frustration.

A panoramic view of New York City.
It's a huge, busy and intimidating place - no doubt. But if you can make your way
in NY,
"the world is your oyster" - you can conquer them all!

After all, some of the local trains and their lines are positively ancient; just dying for some top-to-bottom maintenance. And with so much construction going on to keep those lines running, you will constantly be faced with the unpleasant situation; you’re running late for a meeting with a client, but you didn’t know your train isn’t running today. Mind you, this is nothing that’s not fixable or something you’re not able to work around; you just need to keep it in mind if you’re going to have a freelance career in New York.

Biking Around

Most freelancers these days are actually millennials. And one of the most interesting freelance trends in New York City these days pertains to this - the way millennials get around the city. An increasing number of them are actually biking around New York, which isn’t that difficult if you’ve got the persistence and confidence to get used to it. Certainly, more than a few times you’re likely to be ‘doored’ in the face - but that actually happens far less likely than people think. Though, if you’re going to invest in a bike, we definitely don’t recommend getting a heavy one. Depending on where you end up living in New York, you might be faced with the prospect of carrying the bike up to five flights of stairs.

An intersection and the New York skyline in the background.
Getting around New York on your bike could be the way to go,
once you get to know your
way around. You'll probably get there sooner,
find your shortcuts, and you'll be fit and healthy.


As you can see, more and more people are working as freelancers in the Big Apple - that’s the most positive among freelance trends in New York City. This kind of lifestyle would be stressful anywhere once you’re only starting out, but once you settle into the routine of being your own boss, living in New York will be an amazing experience!

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