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Forex Trading

Learn currency trading from home

Many businesses today can be run from home. The idea is to put your skills to work and generate an income by creating products or offering services from home. Doing business from home has become one of the hallmarks of our time.

In that sense, forex is different because you are not producing something or providing a service. Instead, you are playing the market (informed betting) with your spare money, with the aim of generating extra cash or supplementing your finances from currency differences. One of the first things that you should learn about currency trading from home is why forex traders fail - see the paragraph below.


Affordable Trading Options

Affordable Trading Options

From derivative to forex market, there are quite a few financial markets where an individual can trade. Which type of market you choose to play with, will depend on how much money you can invest and some other factors. If you cannot spend too much, there are affordable trading options where you can profit.

Beginner Forex Traders

Beginner Forex Trades

Even if you have some experience or knowledge about foreign exchange markets, it's always possible to learn new stuff. The overall approach should be that of right strategy, analysis, and keeping trading diary. We expand on this and give you eight steps to help you start in forex trading and manage the risks.

Best Days for Forex

Best Days for Forex Market

Is the midweek the most profitable time for trading? If you believe some of forex traders, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days in the forex market. There are pros and cons to this claim. But it all comes down to the trader's strategy, market conditions and forex trader's goals.

Binary Options Strategies

Binary Options Strategies

It's often misunderstood that options market is relatively simple. But there are many diverse trading strategy choices when it comes to binary options. One of best ways to make money on the options market is to embrace many available strategies and then use them at the appropriate times.

Donchian Channel Indicator

Donchian Channel Indicator

Created by the trader and technical analyst Richard Donchian, the Donchian channel is particularly used with commodities trading. It's generally freely available, on all the most respected platforms that come complete with a library of easy to apply indicators. It can help identify forex currency pairs trends.

Forex is Not Gambling

Forex Trading Is Not Gambling

Many forex traders fail to see the thin line between forex trading and gambling, which leads to trading losses. There are some essential differences between the two and when you understand this, you will become a good trader. We examine some of the ways that trading differs from gambling.

Forex Market Explained

Forex Market Explained

Several trillions of dollars are traded every day on forex markets, making this the largest market in the world. Based on a bid-ask price system, the forex market is an over-the-counter trade. This means that forex brokers and dealers negotiate directly their trades via a certain network.

Forex Tips for Newbies

Forex Tips for Newbies

One of the first things to learn as a newcomer to forex trading is to develope a "cool head" approach to foreign exchange, instead of an emotional one. Naturally you are in it to make money. But don't let that being your main driving force. It's better to develop your own trading strategies that will yield results in the long run.

Forex Trading as Business - Part 1

Forex Trading as a Business - Part 1

With changing economies and opening new opportunities, going into business and becoming self-employed seem like attractive possibilities for many. Indeed, in some cases, they are. But there are also many pitfalls in having your own business. Forex trading, on the other hand, could offer a cheaper business alternative.

Forex Trading as Business - Part 2

Forex Trading as Business - Part 2

According to statistics, many startup business fail within the first five years, putting a damper on many a startup entrepreneur. There are many reasons why this happens, but we list four basic ones that lead to eventual failure. While it carries its own risks, forex trading business can offer a less costly business option.

Forex Trading Beginners

Forex Trading Beginners Tips

When you are a rookie trader, you are more prone to failures for many reasons. Lack of experience leads you to follow fads and poor advice, resulting in losing trades. Bu there are some basic techniques that are helpful to beginner traders, to increase the odds of succeeding in forex trading.

Elliott Wave Principle

The Elliott Wave Principle

In the 1930s, Ralph Nelson Elliott developed and proposed a way of identifying all sorts of future movements in the forex market. Known as the Elliott Wave, his principle was based on market history, potential extreme conditions, and crowd psychology. This principle helps identify and interpret market movements.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis Software

As any experienced forex market trader knows, prior to entering a trade, one needs to inspect and understand historical and current market activities. This is accomplished by choosing different analysis tools. There are certain factors to consider when choosing fundamental analysis software programs.

Head and Shoulders Pattern

Head and Shoulders Pattern

Forex traders use a number of strategies to boost technical analysis. Naturally, understanding chart patterns is essential to make predictions in the stock market. There are many different trading charts to observe, one of which is head and shoulders pattern. Here are some tips and insights into this pattern.

India Based Trading

India Based Trading

Unless you are well educated in investments, your best bet to succeed in the world of investing is to pair with a professional investment advisor. If you are investing on another market, such as Indian market, it's best to find a local professional who can guide you in the pros and cons of the local market.

Main Approaches to Forex

Main Approaches to Forex Market

Successful forex traders can build a career and a good life using forex, often without any fancy diplomas or college degrees. not to be carried away with the thought, to achieve this takes a very serious approach to the market. There are two main approaches to forex market trading.

Moving Averages Trading

Moving Averages Trading Strategy

Forex traders use different analysis tools to better understand the market and choose the appropriate spot to enter trading, that suits their particular trading style. A common mistake is to populate the charts with too many indicators. Instead of this complicated approach, it's better to choose fewer indicators.

Picking a Forex Robot

Picking a Forex Robot

In amongst different tools that are available to make a profit on the forex market, forex robots are definitely an option worthy of consideration. Although they have worked efficiently for many traders, it's important to find those that work consistently. Follow our guideline for choosing best forex robots for you.

Safe Forex Trading

Safe Forex Trading Strategy

Forex trading is a great way to make money. But you can also lose money in forex and not just by poor trading methods. It can be also lost through breaches in your personal and financial information. There are some fundamental practices that can be implemented to ensure the safety of your forex trading.

Scalping vs Position Trading

Scalping vs Position Trading

Scalping is a highly active and energetic style of day trading in forex, where a trader buys and sells multiple times in each trading session. The idea is to achieve many small gains. On the other hand, position trading involves investing in currencies for medium-term gains, with long-term positions.

Trade GBP/USD Pair

Trade GBP/USD Currency Pair

As the most traded currency pair, the British pound and the US dollar amount to a considerable level of daily volume in the currency trading markets. Additionally, London is one of the major trading hubs of the global forex market, making this currency pair many beginner traders choose.

Trading Outside Comfort Zone

Trading Outside Your Comfort Zone

Whether you like to start on a new venture "hot" or "cold", it's crucial that you get informed before you venture into forex trading. Start with a practice account to learn how it all works, then you can switch over to trade with (your) real money. Follow these pointers to better learn how to trade properly.

Understanding Correlations

Understanding Correlations

Beginners to forex trading have a tendency to start trading just about any currency pair that shows a movement. They'll take the trade because of the sudden price movement, which may or may not prove successful. It's important to start better understanding currency correlations in forex pairs, before you begin trading.

Using Forex Calendar

Using Forex Calendar

Knowing what and when market moving news is coming is one of the fundamentals for any successful trading. To be able to do this you need to do exhaustive analysis and sifting through large volumes of financial data. There are some shortcuts to help you tackle this enormous undertaking.

Zero Bound Interest Rate

Zero Bound Interest Rate

As a trader, if you end up receiving the news that the interest rate you were supposed to carry is lower or totally diminshed, what do you do? If you are in position to end up paying less for your stocks, it seems advantageous. But is there a catch? Find out how zero-bound interest rates affect the traders and economy.

What is forex?

Forex is short for foreign exchange. It's also sometime referred to as FX in short. Foreign exchange market involves trading of currencies on an open market. Doing forex from home is an exciting idea, but it has to be done very smartly and with a lot of knowledge about currencies, forex, trading, markets, etc.

Forex can be done from home or office, where you do the trading yourself or via forex broker. The risks with this type of day trading is high, so you have to be well prepared for what's involved before you even od a paper test run. Let alone put your money.

Forex trading isn't for a novice. You have to learn a great deal about currencies and trading, before you even should consider to join the ranks of a novice trader. After all, forex is also a form of investing, which is not for the faint-hearted.

Why forex traders fail?

There are many reasons why most of forex traders will fail, or at least never reach any significant success. Perhaps one of the first reasons is the lack of knowledge, let alone experience with trading currencies. Then there is an overconfidence in one's skills as a would-be trader, confusing potential for earnings with what realistically can be achieved.

Being the world's largest and most accessible, forex market attracts potential traders with its ease of access and stories of success. In reality, very few traders ever achieve great, sustaining success. Financial world is a complex entity, getting more so every year. It takes some hard work to learn the nitty-gritty of it, see how it works, and then try to apply it yourself, building your real-world experience.

Remember, it's more important to make some money, however small, than to be "right", lest your ego gets in the way of you making money. Money market is a fluid entity and you have to listen to it, rather than trying to bend it the way you think it should be. It's like the nature - if you understand its laws and obey them, you will succeed. If you go contra and try to bend it to your will, you always lose.

Forex trading articles

To assist you in your trading endeavour, we have brought you some basic guides, written by professionals, that will reveal some of the insights from this fast-paced market. These are mostly forex trading tips for beginners or newbies, as well as some intermediary trading strategies.

But don't rely on this information alone. Do your own work and educate yourself from proper sources, before you attempt to test your knowledge and insights in the real world, backed up by your own money. It's easy to spend your money and often very hard to earn any.

Forex trading involves currencies trade
Trading in currencies is a lucrative market that involves trillions of dollars traded annually worldwide
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