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Mime Workshop

International Summer Mime Workshop

Celebrating The 39th Anniversary of the
Monday to Friday, JULY 5 - 9, 2010 - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Boulder, Colorado, USA.

 International Mime Workshop

Summer Mime Workshop Presents:

  • Introducing the Basic Principles of BodySpeak™
  • A Special ONE-WEEK ONLY workshop
  • Presenting the method of bodywork, focusing on releasing the creative forces within the individual, and improve communication skills.


Samuel Avital
Samuel Avital
BodySpeak™ - Moving body and mind, created and developed over the years teaching Movement Arts Communication Workshop by Samuel Avital, who will be teaching this Summer interactive workshop, where you will discover how your body speaks, and why people respond to you differently when you communicate through movement.

BodySpeak™ teaches proven, practical techniques to unleash the creative power within you. Study and practice of ten basic principles will improve your communication skills in order to achieve integration of the mental, emotional, and physical factors of being.

You will learn how to allow your mind and body to speak and act in unison: how to be the author, director, and lead actor in your life. The BodySpeak™ workshop will gently provoke you to discover your unlimited possibilities beyond the creative edge.

You will also learn how to practice daily three powerfully integrative and essential exercises to enhance longevity and joie de vivre - "The Longevity Cycles" - "The Flexibility Cycle" gently limbers and focuses all parts of the body. "The Regenerative Cycle" lubricates and regenerates your whole organism, and The Integrative Cycle balances and focuses the life force.

Mr. Avital invites you to come join us for this special celebration of his Life work that has gained international recognition among his peers, and the many students who have trained at Le Centre du Silence Mime School since 1971.
For Workshop location and application etc., see our website for more information.

Presented by:
Le Centre du Silence Mime School, Samuel Avital, Director,
P.O. Box 1015 (09), Boulder, CO 80306-1015, (303) 661-9271
E-mail: savital@bodyspeak.com
Web Site: http://www.bodyspeak.com
Kabbalah Now: www.kabbalahnow.indranet.com
See few YouTube clips inside our website.

Video Performance clips: http://www.indranet.com/arts/lcds/video/index.html

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