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Business Seminars

Health, Wealth, and Business Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

Sometime referred to as workshops, business seminars are a great form of marketing, be that products, services, or "just" knowledge. Seminars are an excellent way to quickly gain an important knowledge and learn new things, all the while having fun and meeting new people.

Seminar events

On the following pages you will find information on some of the valuable business seminars. These are usually repeated or annual events, so contact us if you have an interest in a particular seminar mentioned here.

Antigua Conference Antigua Conference, in May 9-12, 2013 - The first 2013 Q Wealth Offshore Conference is to be held in May this year at beautiful Jolly Beach Resort in Antigua. This 4-day event will be filled with a wealth of information and opportunities, good meals, and enough time for networking and enjoying the beautiful Caribbean scenery. RSVP now for your private invite and registration form.
Mime Workshop

International Summer Mime Workshop, in July 2010 - Celebrating 39 years in business, BodySpeak™ workshop will be held in Boulder, Colorado, on July 5-9, 2010. BodySpeak™ stands for "moving body and mind", developed over the years by Samuel Avital, teaching Movement Arts Communication Workshop. He teaches proven and practical techniques to unleash your creative powers.

Business seminar group Panama Seminar, in November 2008 - The Recipes for Success seminar, held in Panama City, from November 9th - 14th. The seminar was designed to help achieve 3 goals: generating, preserving, and growing one's wealth. This five-day offshore planning seminar also extensively covered the subject of protecting one's wealth using offshore and international business structures.

Marketers often use business seminars to promote their new product(s), as well as to build a good client base for future marketing and promotions. Attending a health, wealth or business seminar is also a great opportunity for seminar atendees to meet other like minded people and more importantly, meet potential joint venture (JV) partners, or even clients.

Usually a weekend or a 3-day events, health, wealth and business seminars are knowledge-packed, high-paced events, offering new insights that are generally unavailable via other means. Whilst often more costly than a pack of audio/video DVDs, 'being there' is what promotes a great learning experience and makes seminars often a great value for money.

Seminars provide good business and learning opportunities

Business seminars provide excellent opportunities to learn and acquire the latest business
and communication skills, network with like-minded people and meet your potential
clients and business partners