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What It Really Takes
To Build And Sell A Neighbourhood

An outline on how to build and sell real estate housing projects

The housing market is a volatile thing. You never know when the next construction boom might begin or end. But anyone who wants to really make a lot of money from real estate knows that getting the keys to developing a brand new neighbourhood is like striking gold. Providing the market’s there for it.

It's not your usual home business, but let’s say that the market is, indeed, there to support a new neighbourhood. Or even if it’s not, that you can find the customers. What goes into getting the land, building and selling a whole neighbourhood? Let’s take a look at some of the processes involved.

Suburban neighbourhood street properties
It takes a lot of planning, knowledge and hard work to build and sell
real estate neighbourhood properties.
(Picture source: Geograph.org.uk/photo/53828)

The permit

Of course, you can’t just go building whatever you want even if you own the land. A whole new development often means that you need a permit. This is not an easy process. The aesthetic, economy and lifestyle of the town or city has a big say in what does or doesn’t get built. A lot of politically active citizens have a desire to keep their locale sustained in its current state. But if you can convince the state that your development will only further growth without sacrificing the aspects of the existing town or city, you might just snatch the permit.

Raw building materials supplier location and machinery
Once you secure the permits and the land, you need to find a good and reliable
supplier of the raw building materials for the early groundworks.
(Picture source: Geograph.org.uk/photo/1911268)

The land

Even after you’ve bought the land and got the permits, you should already know it’s not ready to start building on. Land needs to be developed and landscaped before you try putting a house on top. Civil contracting company DM Civil is an example of the kind of service needed to start landscaping an area. In truth, the development of the land and any infrastructural changes can often be more work and cost than building the houses themselves. But to get the most return out of the neighbourhood, it’s necessary to put that time and money in.

Two men working on solar panels
If you include solar power panels in your housing project, it will help with
faster selling of your
new real estate properties. (Image by Pixabay.com)

The build

After that, comes building the home. Anyone who’s overseen a building already knows how this goes. But on a large scale project like this, your choice of crew is more important than it has ever been. You need to find the crew that has the reputation and track record of being responsible, reliable and experienced. Relying on underqualified workers will end you in a lot of trouble when tenants start complaining about botched jobs in their houses. A lot of developers will make the mistake of promising bonuses for early completion, which only fuels rushed jobs. Be patient. The returns will come eventually.

Sold sign in front of a home property
Sold properties will be your ultimate reward for all the work that goes into planning,
development and selling of your neighbourhood housing project.
(Image by Flickr.com)

The customers

Of course, you need to then find the people to live in the home. Most realtors will say that this is entirely dependent on the market. But it needn’t be. There are ways to find your tenants and buyers however the market might be. Neighbourhoods with great curb appeal are bound to sell fast regardless of the current housing market, for example.

Building and selling a neighbourhood is a lot of work. Not to mention a lot of money. But if you can afford it and do it right, there are few projects in real estate more lucrative.

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