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Whole Foods – The best example for businesses
striving to achieve Pinterest recognition

How to build an audience for your business in the social media world

Are you ready to step into the shoes of Whole Foods and help your business succeed on Pinterest too? With over 1.5 million daily visitors, the social platform is one of the fastest growing networks to date. Pinterest highlights over 12 million users and its ultra-addicted fans are not wedding planners and bored soccer moms anymore. If you want to take advantage of the social media platform, you have to stop behaving like a company. Start acting like a person and have multiple directions in mind if you want to succeed. Whole Foods knew how to use the pinboards to their advantage. In order to grab attention they created boards related to Earth Day and recycling.

Sustainability is one of the main concerns of the business, and they managed to raise awareness without having to turn to any other sort of marketing campaigns. Instead of creating too many boards that feature only a few pins, you should go for numerous boards that display excellent content. Keywords can help you come across the greatest subject, whereas repins from individuals you’re following and hashtags will help you capture the attention of new followers.

Get the word out and be seen on Pinterest via your page and pinboards to captivate your followers

Be pinnable

Add diagrams, photos, pictures, and infographics to your website in order to make it as pinnable as possible. Apart from offering your fans a lot of things to pin, placing photos on your site will help you link to other sites (Facebook, Google+) a lot easier. You may not be able to offer your people fabulous photos all the time, but at least you’ll have a chance to get the word out and be seen.

Spot your audience

Certain people assume that Pinterest is all about food, home design and fashion, and that all other fields are being ignored. Whole Foods has proved that this conception is wrong. The page of the company includes boards on the subject of food, tech, gardening ideas, as well as kitchen designs. A lot more individuals will follow your page if you use pinboards regarding both popular and niche topics. Take notice of the photos that are most frequently re-pinned to see what your followers find most captivating. Don’t forget that you need good traffic to your page, so you should delight your followers with new, helpful, and interesting things.

Are you active enough?

Just like major social media websites, you can’t create a Pinterest page and just forget about it. Creating a couple of pinboards and living them hanging alone won’t help you build an audience. The key to success is commenting regularly, pinning and re-pinning, and of course, following others. If you don’t have time, hire someone to do it for you. Otherwise, your business will go down the drain and you won’t be able to succeed with Pinterest.

Keep your Pinterest audience interested by interacting and communicating with your membership

Maintain your interests

After you’ve succeeded to build an audience it’s time to maintain the relationship. Whole Foods is following around 1,500 Pinterest members. The key goal of the company is to follow other important companies too, as well as usually people. Whole Foods always communicates with its members, and that’s a very good strategy. The business answers to comments received on its photos, and this interaction is essential if you want to keep your audience interested.

You should allow users to post on your pinboards. For instance, Whole Foods’ page features many boards where individuals are free to post photos. Developing a sense of community among your followers is essential. If people see that you’re willing to talk to them, they will keep coming back. They might even communicate with other users on your Pinterest page, and thus your company will get even more exposure.

Get a lot more followers on your Pinterest page by creating pinboards on popular and niche topics

Get personal

Don’t forget that Pinterest means social media exposure. Those who want to know more about your business, expect to know and see more about the people behind the business too. It’s in our nature to be curious, so a good way of promoting your business is to promote yourself. Create pinboards that are mainly focused on your clients; using images with people using your products for example, is an excellent way of engaging your fans.

Are you a starting business looking to get exposure online? Do you have the determination to build an audience and dive into the social media world? If your answer’s yes, then starting on Pinterest to achieve success is a sensible move. Dedicate yourself entirely to your start-up and strive for success using the people. If you’re hungry for success, determination will help you achieve all your goals.

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