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About us

Created in May 2005, this website has been online for about 15 years now. The original purpose of Infonet Center was to provide information and products on a number of different subjects, such as business, health, and travel. Over the years the website had grown and its largest sections, such as health and travel, have been moved and new websites created from them.

The Infonet Center has spawned over the years several other websites. Some of the sections currently found on this site are good candidates for new sites, as we continue to produce more interesting materials on a variety of subjects.

Correspondingly, this Infonet Center website has focused more on Money and Business subjects, although it's still providing some basic information on the likes of health, books and diamonds. In particular now, we are focusing more on Home Based Business  and Small Business advice, information and articles.

We welcome guest articles to be published on this site.

If you have any questions or want to advertise on this site, go to our Contact page for full details.

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