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Operating a home business has become a career of choice for many. As computer has become ubiquitous, the idea of running a home business which involves computer and online business presence seems ever more appealing. Naturally, this ease of access makes running an online business a very competitive endeavour, where only the most persistent and most resourceful succeed in working from home. But, as it is with anything in life, there are pros and cons of running a home based business - it's not for everyone. Hopefully our guides to home and small business will help you make the right decision.


Profitable Small Business Ideas in Texas
Proftable Small Business in Texas
It's fertile ground for small businesses. If you are planning to start something on your own in the state of Texas, you've come to the right place. Here are 8 small business ideas to start in Texas and make it a profitable venture.

How to Redesign Your Home Office

How to Redesign Your Home Office
Good impressions do matter in business

How to Modernize Your Office

Modernize Your Office on a Budget
Your office is a mirror of your small business

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management
How to manage your products' lifecycle

Signs to Relocate Your Business

Signs It's Time to Relocate Business 
How to recognize it's time to move business

From Startup to Scale-up in Canada

From Startup to Scale-up in Canada 
How to plan and start up business in Canada

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Why Working From Home Might Not Be For You?
Reduce Business Travel Expenses
How to Reduce Your Business Travel Expenses
Database Activity Monitoring
Solutions for Business Database Activity Monitoring
Project Management Tools
New Technologies Revolutionize Project Management
The Game of Modern Business
Make the Game of Modern Business More Simple
Stress-Free Budgeting
How to Take the Stress out of Personal Budgeting
Personal Finance Insights
3 Personal Finance Truths that Come with Experience
Effective Business Communication
The Importance of Effective Business Communication
Jobs for Stay at Home Moms
Six IT Jobs That are Best for Stay-at-Home Mums
Raise Business Capital
How to Raise Extra Business Capital in 4 Easy Steps
Project Plan Blunders to Avoid
Project Plan Blunders That You Need to Avoid
Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018
3 Different Marketing Trends to Watch Out For This Year

Trust Yourself! Be a Boss!

If the idea of starting your own business from home appeals to you, peruse our tips, ideas and information on running a home based business.

Home Based Business Guides
Why Working From Home is Bad

Is Working From Home for Everyone?
Take a look at "the other side of the coin" - why you shouldn't do it.

Starting Home Based Business Starting Home Based Business
Consider the idea of working from home with a cool head
Jobs for Stay at Home Moms Best Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms
Six IT industry jobs for moms who are working from home
Home Business Startup Plan Home Business Startup Plan
How to get your business off with a flyig start with these top tricks
Feng Shui in Office Space Feng Shui in Office Space
Harmonize your office with a well-balanced environment
Office Security Tips Office Security Tips
Your office security can be done on a budget, without overspending your planned expense
Business Travel Expenses Business Travel Expenses
Stay on business budget by cutting down on your travel expenses

A businessman sitting on tall chair, with 4 women employees

Over the past couple of decades there has been a growing number of small businesses starting, thanks to advancing technologies and services available to small business owners.

Small Business Advice
Raise Business Capital Raising Capital for Small Business
How to raise extra business capital in 4 easy steps
Small Business Employment Law Small Business Employment Law
Stay on the right side of the law with your small business
Help Your Business Evolve

Help Your Small Business Evolve
Improving your company is one of the best ways to achieve success

Successful Project Management Successful Project Management
Improving your project success chances with this simple tool
Small Business Human Resources Small Business Human Resources
How new technology enables small business to do great HR

Home Business Ideas

When you decide to start a business from home, you won't be short of ideas. But you have to focus on what's realistic for you, within your own skills and experiences, to make it work.

Home Business Ideas
Arts and Crafts Business Arts and Crafts Hobby into Business
One of the easiest and most common Home business starting points
Build and Sell Real Estate Build and Sell Real Estate Properties
How to build and sell real estate housing projects and properties
Home Based Travel Agency Start a Home Based Travel Agency
Tips to start an online home based travel agency business

Marketing illustration, with a group of people silhouettes

In order to expand your customer base and thus increase your business' financial growth, you need to constantly work on your business marketing strategies.

Art of Marketing
Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018
Take a look at some of marketing trends to expect in 2018
Event Marketing Technology Using Event Marketing Technology
How modern technology is having an impact on marketing
Top Summer Promotional Items Top Summer Business Promotional Items
6 business promotional gift items and products ideal for summer time

Group of men and women at a table, with business charts on the wall

Becoming a skilled and professional negotiator requires good knowledge and experience. These guides to negotiating skills will give you some insights and useful suggestions.

Guide to Negotiating Skills
Better Negotiation Guidelines Guidelines to Better Negotiation
Follow these 8 tips to improve your skills at business negotiation
Dressing for a Negotiation Dressing Tips for a Negotiation
Making a good first impression counts in the business world
Missteps in Negotiating Missteps to Avoid in Negotiating
Skilled negotiators know how to avoid missteps in business negotiations

Sales chart illustration, with arrow pointing up

It takes a serious effort to make your product or service saleable and to reach your sale goals. Today selling requires more sophisticated sale approaches and pitch.

Selling Tips and Advice
Selling Tips Understanding the Art of Selling
Imagination, language and perception systems influence selling
Effective Sale Pitch Crafting an Effective Sale Pitch
Today's prospects are smarter and require a sopphisticated approach
Stop Hard Selling Stop Selling Hard for More Sales
How to connect with the client and close the deal by not trying too hard

Female receptionist sitting at her desk

Your office furniture creates a first impression on your clients, which sends a message on the way you handle your business. Learn how to choose the right furniture, for a positive impression.

Choosing Your Office Furniture
Office Furniture to Impress Your Clients Office Furniture to Impress Your Clients
Good office area provides comfort and convenience for the clients
Office Furniture for Starting Business Office Furniture for a Starting Business
Choose functional office furniture for your starting business
Office Meeting Room Essentials Office Meeting Room Essentials
Advice on how to prep your meeting room with essentials

Forex illustration

Forex trading could be viewed as an investment based on informed betting on different currencies. These guides should help you understand some of the basics of trading in currencies.

Guides to Forex Trading
Forex Market Explained The Forex Market Explained
Learn about forex and over-the-counter trading in currencies
Binary Options Strategies Using Binary Options Strategies
Binary options strategy can create good profit forex opportunities
The Elliott Wave Principle The Elliott Wave Principle
How to understand and interpret forex market movements

Credit Cards Employment Personal Finances Seminars
Credit Cards guides Employment Personal Finances guides Business Seminars
 How to obtain and
 responsibly use cards
  Cards & Bankruptcy
  Credit Card Debt
  Card Debt Relief
 and more about cards
  Employment Search
 how to search for job
 or employment online
  Bachelor Degree 
 how to easily attain
 Bachelor Degree online
  Personal Budget -
ten tips for improved personal budgeting
  Personal Success
 twenty-one personal
 success tips
Sometime referred to as workshops, business seminars are a great way to meet potential business partners and employees.
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Our business, finances, money, and forex trading articles and stories will help you in your endeavour to build your home based business. You will also find here business related tips and information about selling, marketing and negotiating, as well as personal finances.

Of course, operating a home based business isn't one and only thing you do. Life's much more complicated than that and correspondingly there are true riches to be had out there, ones that don't necessarily involve money. So you'll find on this site many other business and personal relevant subjects covered, from online marketing, employment and personal finances, to books. This includes health and wealth creation seminars to help you on your way to creating home business wealth. If you have a desire to advertise your business here, go to our Classifieds category for full details.

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Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start in Texas

Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start in Texas

When you think of starting a small business, it's good to move to or be in a location that's stimulating for startups and provides a good support base. One of most fertile grounds for starting small business is Texas. If you are thinking of starting a business and lack any ideas, go through our list of 8 small business ideas.

How to Redesign Your Home Office

How to Redesign Your Home Office

Having a proper home office or at least a designated office space at your home will contribute to success of your home business. A good home office should be designed to be condicive to and maximize your productivity and creativity. Here are some simple steps to take when redesigning your home office.

How to Modernize Your Office on a Budget

How to Modernize Your Office on a Budget

When you run a small business, one of the last things on your mind would be spending more money on a modern office space. But these days, looks are also important in how your conduct your business, in order to keep it competitive. Here are some ideas for modernizing your office without spending too much.

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

When you are starting a small business, products and services that you offer are the essence and lifeline of your business. How you manage your products lifecycle will determine the amount of value you derive from them. Learn about the PLM process for creating and managing lasting products and services.

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